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2019 Season Kills.. YOUR Trophy is waiting!

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2018 Season Bears

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2017 Season Bears.. Good Hunting

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Nice 2017 Beauty!
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2016 Season Bears.. Nice Trophies

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2015 Season Bears.. Black Beauties

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2014 Season Bears.. Great Trophies!!

2013 Season Bears.. Real Beauties!!

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2012 Season Bears.. THE BIG BEARS"
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Sal Bruno

Max Berger
Elaine Morrow, 325 pounds , spring 2006
Elaine Morrow, 325 pounds
Peter Brown,890 pounds 53
Peter Brown & Mike Roy
, 53" spread,
18 points & 890 Lbs.
Mark Unger , Maryland, 1020 Lbs., 23 pts 60
Mark Unger , Maryland,
1020 Lbs., 23 pts
60 " spread
Jim Morrow
Jim Morrow

430 pounds ,
Allyn Fontaine, Ct.,
430 Lb beauty

Keith Pruett
Keith Pruett

Monty Carpenter, 360 pounds
Monty Carpenter, 360 pounds

John Drew, 42 inch spread, 880 pounds, 14 points
John Drew
42" spread 880 Lbs
14 pts
David Erich, PA  B.A.D.F.
David Erich, PA

George Bolender, NY - 300 Lb beauty
George Bolender, NY.
BADF - 300 Lbs.

 Elwood Brutt, 900 pounds
Elwood Brutt
900 pounds


During our spring bear season we operate two different lodges. The last two weeks of May are spent at our Bear Paw Lodge which is a 42x28' lodge with three bedrooms, kitchen, living room & bathroom. The Lodge is where we started our business back in 1996. Bait stations are very well established and produce extremely good hunting.

The second part of our season, the month of June, is spent at Tomogonops Lake Lodge. We acquired this lease in 2003 and built this new 4,200 square foot cedar lodge in 2006. We are located on the banks of Tomogonops lake. This is the only building on the lake and we have no neighbors. Our guests can enjoy the tranquility of this pristine wilderness setting while enjoying breathtaking sunrise & sunsets while sitting on the deck overlooking the lake.

Our lodges provide clients with all the comforts of home, excellent home-cooked meals, beautiful scenery and, of course, excellent hunting for trophy bear and moose. We are also surrounded by many other lakes, ponds and rivers where, when time permits, our clients can enjoy some excellent native brook trout and Atlantic salmon fishing. Many of our guests bring their own ATV'S and enjoy riding the many miles of logging roads.

About Us..

Bear Paw Outfitters is owned and operated by Mike & Maureen Roy. Our operation got to where it is today when, in 1995, Mike, a pro staff shooter for a major bow manufacturer, took one of the Company executives on a bear hunt. I picked him up at the airport at 2 pm and had him in the stand by 4 pm then he shot a trophy bear at 4.45 pm. From there the calls for bear hunts started pouring in and have not stopped since.

Mike is an avid bow hunter and has won many 3D tournaments at the provincial level. Mike is a very successful hunter, especially with his bow so he understands how to set up stands which shows in the success that his clients achieve when they come and "HUNT WITH THE PRO'S" at Bear Paw Outfitters.

Maureen is also an avid hunter who travels & hunts with Mike every year. She is also the camp cook and learned her culinary skills from her mother and grandmother who was a cook at one of our local fine restaurants. Maureen's goal is to have every client gain 10 pounds during their stay with us. The clients rave about her cooking and especially about her home-made desserts.

At Bear Paw Outfitters we take great pride in the reputation that we have managed to achieve over the years by offering outstanding hunts and the best possible quality service that is expected by our hunters. With more than an 85% client return rate we have built relationships that have progressed from "clients" to "good friends" with whom we visit and hunt with on a yearly basis.

For an exciting hunt, come experience the outstanding hunting, cooking, accommodations and hospitality offered at Bear Paw Outfitters. We are convinced that you will be back year after year and look forward to having you as our guest.

Your hosts

Mike & Maureen Roy


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